"I applied for the scholarship not thinking I would actually get it so I really was not in the right mind set to begin a true transformation. Lisa was knowledgeable, professional, and eager to coach me through my fears of giving up certain foods and over certain addictions. The more knowledge I obtained the stronger I became, and the easier it was to unlearn bad habits and relearn new healthier ones. In these last 3 months I have lost 37lbs and gained a whole new appreciation for plants!! I am forever grateful to Lisa and her team for the program it has truly changed my life!"

Former 2018 Recipient

"All of my recent dietary changes are all because of Miss Lisa A. Smith. She will get you right. I highly recommend applying for this scholarship if you want to work on that internal self-care. I got one this year and it has literally changed my life." 

Former 2017 Recipient

Fall 2019 Scholarship Application is now close

Every quarter we select 1 qualified individual to receive 3 months of complimentary online nutritional coaching and lifestyle training. This individual may not have the financial means but should be extremely MOTIVATED and willing to WORK toward becoming PROFESSIONALLY FIT! 

Our winter 2019 scholarship application will open in December.

Available to applicants throughout the United States and Canada.