• Lisa A. Smith

Two B(r)ands. One Sound.

There's two sides to every story, here's the short version...Professionally Fit has evolved tremendously in this past year and that evolution has led to a very client centered programming focusing specifically on female entrepreneurs and executives. This one-to-one executive coaching is very particular and is designed for extraordinary women who are building brands, businesses and careers by starting with their own personal health. While this type of coaching is still in the health and wellness genre it certainly is not a great FIT for everyone. FACT: everyone is not looking to get PROFESSIONALLY fit. The average person is simply looking to eradicate or prevent chronic illness, lose weight, look good and feel even better. There's now an app for that:)

The Black Health Academy is my new company and its mission is to eradicate and prevent chronic disease disproportionately affecting the black community. The ACADEMY will be a community and membership site which will offer education on managing and preventing type 2 diabetes, hypertension, obesity, high cholesterol, autoimmune disease, heart disease and stress. It will also include workouts (Plank U), plant based nutrition guidance (Plant U) and personal development strategies (Psy-Fi).

But wait, there's more...

The ACADEMY's goal is to house one of the largest black doctor and plant-ba

sed chef/restaurant databases on the net. We will be your go-to source for physicians right in your own backyard who look like you and who are experienced in treating families just like yours. In addition, the ACADEMY will offer exclusive collaborations with other black owned health centered companies for member only discounts and opportunities! Can you tell I'm super excited and insanely passionate about this health stuff???

Things to note: Professionally Fit is not going anywhere! Our executive coaching is booming and we're still ridiculously passionate about coaching entrepreneurs to exc

ellence through fitness, nutrition, mindset and lifestyle. However the Professionally Fit blog and podcast will now be moving over to The Black Health Academy as we seek to service our Professionally Fit clients in a much more exclusive manner starting by respecting more of their time and inbox by eliminating any unessential notifications.

Now You Choose

Here's your moment. You know you and you know exactly what you require in order to be successful. You want to thrive and you know your areas of strength AND your areas of opportunities. When the ACADEMY opens its digital doors in September we're offering founding member benefits and would love to have you in on the ground floor helping it to flourish. However, should the customization and personal attention offered at Professionally Fit be a better FIT for you then I'd love to personally coach you to greatness. As if you needed one more decision to make today right?

Professionally Fit includes...

  • Personalized Coaching

  • One on One Personal Training

  • One on One Nutritional Coaching

  • Career/Entrepreneurial Centered

  • Monthly Physical Assessments

  • Access to Personal Chef Services

  • Discounted rates on C-Suite staff/member development

  • Suited for: Executives and Entrepreneurs


The Black Health Academy includes...

  • Subscription Based

  • Online Courses

  • Chronic Disease Prevention

  • Self-guided Workouts (Plank-U)

  • Plant Based Nutrition (Plant-U)

  • Black Doctor Database

  • Bi-weekly Blog

  • Bi-weekly Podcast

  • Suited for: Everyone


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