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Try This>Not That

“Ok I hear you Lisa but, what CAN I eat?!” This is by far the #1 question I get at every seminar I teach! So because I love you all so much I’m going to share a short list of some common healthy swaps. Here’s the caveat…this list is not comprehensive nor is it conclusive. For example, instead of unsweetened almond milk you can also drink unsweetened cashew, coconut or hemp milk. This is the main reason we don’t provide a list of healthy foods; there’s just too many to name. Please understand that if you don’t like oatmeal, for example, you can also have avocado toast, smoothies or lentil soup for breakfast! Eating healthy is more about eliminating the junk i.e. sugar, dairy, processed, fast and low quality foods and keeping the rest. I do understand that some things aren’t clear (what’s wrong with apple juice, apple cinnamon oatmeal or Quakers granola bars??) but try just starting with the things that you know for sure aren’t good like your caffeine addiction, bottomless take out and after hours snacking and we’ll iron out the details later:)

Healthy Swaps!

Try This>Not That

Unsweetened Almond Milk>Cows Milk

Black Beans>Beef



Avocado>Sour cream


Whole Wheat/Almond/Oat Flour>White Flour

Cooking>Ordering Out



Small meals>Snacks

Gym>Happy Hour

Water>Everything Else

All Fruit Smoothie>Ice Cream


I Don’t Want That>I Can’t Have That Pink Himalayan Sea Salt>Table Salt 100% Raw Honey>Sugar Being Active>Sedentary Sweet Potato>White Potato Planks>Crunches

Quinoa>Pasta Unsalted Popcorn>Chips Stairs>Elevator Reading/Exercising/Journaling>Emotional Eating Spinach/Kale>Iceberg/Romaine Oatmeal>Sugary Cereal Eating Breakfast>Hitting Snooze Brown/Black Rice>White Rice

New Friends>Old Habits

Reading>Scrolling Whole Fruit>Fruit Juice



(oooo I’m deep today) Self-love>Self-criticism Honesty>Excuses Seeking Help>Giving Up

Seeking Help>Giving Up

Seeking Help>Giving Up

Dedicated To Your Health


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