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The Non-Negotiable Series

Updated: Aug 11, 2017

Back in April of this year I had the pleasure of joining a host of skilled and well spoken business owners at The University of Phoenix to provide 20+ aspiring entrepreneurs the tools and fundamentals required for going into business for themselves. The topics ranged from goal setting to business plan writing and I had an absolute blast. Teaching is my jam.

During one of my lectures I spoke about creating Non-negotiables in an effort to achieve your goals in business and life. After that 3 month series ended, the founder was so impressed that she invited me to co-host an entire Non-negotiable series. Our first event is tomorrow and I’m ecstatic about taking the stage and providing the blueprint to one of my fail safe tools for slaying my goals.

One of the most common questions FINISHERS receive is ‘how did you do it?’ and ‘how do you stay motivated?’ Whether it be in weight loss, clean eating, earning 4 certifications and 2 degrees (and counting), eliminating debt, or doing a weekly uninterrupted blog and podcast, my short answer is always the same: “I simply made up my mind that I would.”

It’s not as sparkly and full of frills, hidden tricks and shortcuts as people would like but it works. When you decide to take a #Non-negotiable posture in your life the rewards are sweet and the victory exhilarating. Slipping into that new pant size, increasing your earning potential, glaring at that $0 balance on your credit card statements or receiving an email from a listener or reader of your content somehow makes it all worth it.

Jaye mentioned on one of our recent episodes that she doesn’t like the word #sacrifice because it implies that it’s a chore and a bit of an inconvenience to do the things we SHOULD do anyway. For example, we rarely use the word sacrifice to describe our recurring Sunday brunch date, annual family vacay or daily Starbucks habit.

However we use it adamantly to describe our weekly meal planning, investment in a health coach or a mandatory study session. I love this because in essence all we’re really doing in those moments is making our goals non-negotiable.

When I take the stage tomorrow in an effort to help at least one person toward a significant paradigm shift, I’ll be reminded of the top of 2017 when I decided I wanted my year to include many more teaching and speaking gigs and how making THAT goal Non-negotiable led me directly to that stage.

#FITTIP: Being walking proof of your own philosophy and core values does wonders for your posture.


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