• Lisa A. Smith

For The Love of Fries

Updated: Aug 11, 2017

#Love is hard. Well not really. But when you’re trying to lose/maintain weight and your “better” half brings home some steaming hot fries and a vegan schwarma with the garlic sauce it definitely gets trying.

If you are currently or have ever been in a relationship while trying to make the transition into a healthier lifestyle then you can probably relate to the struggle. If you’re blessed enough to have a mate as health conscious as you are trying to be then stop reading. This post aint for you. However if you have a mate that believes Hot and Readys are a real food group, purple juice really comes from grapes and having dinner without dessert is a sin, then keep reading. Let’s console each other shall we?

Without fail, EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I buckle down and ban myself from eating out and sweets, Troy decides I’ve been so great that week that I deserve *insert something delicious here* Then I’m faced with the ‘choose your battles wisely and don’t appear ungrateful’ dilemma. And what’s even worse is the fact that you DO truly enjoy all that gooey yumminess in the moment and now he’s exceptionally pleased with himself not knowing that he’s set you back at least 2 weeks!

“Why won’t my spouse workout and eat right?!” PLUS “He’s sabotaging me with all of his lifestyle habits that we used to share and now I can only reminisce about.” If you struggle with a live-in ‘means well but doesn’t know better’ spouse too, here’s what I suggest:

  1. Have a serious conversation explaining your goals, how you plan to achieve them and how he can support you in real time

  2. Include him! Clients say to me all the time “Oh my husband is small and cant seem to gain weight so he can eat what he wants.” That may be, but did you know people at healthy weights are just as susceptible to hypertension, high cholesterol, cancer, chronic pain and lethargy as overweight people?

  3. Get in Charge. If up to this point you’ve allowed your mate to choose the place on date night or make breakfast on Saturday mornings, unfortunately it may be time to take over until you can acclimate him to your new lifestyle.

  4. LEAVE HIM! He doesn’t share your vision! LOL …Just kidding.


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