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{Fit} Friends...How many of us have them?

Updated: Aug 11, 2017

Last weekend the squad here at #ProfessionallyFit embarked on our 3rd annual Fit Trip. Every year one of us picks a place, a residence, fitness related activities and even a few places to dine and we take off for a weekend full of fitness, glutton, girl talk and plans to take over the world one squat circuit and sugar free salad dressing at a time!

I just recently realized this is the only annual trip on my calendar and boy am I happy it is. My (fit) squad makes me better. Sure, we see each other back home, are constantly engaging on social media and in our never ending group chat via text but once a year we ditch the digital conversations and come together to honor the one thread that ties us all together: OUR HEALTH.

I probably sound like a broken record by now but I’ll say it for the 100th time: You are the sum of the top 5 people you surround yourself with. Studies have shown that your values, education, socio-economic status, income and weight are all directly impacted by your squad. We all begin our journey to health for various reasons and some of us start alone while others begin with a full support team. Success can be had either way, however the support team certainly makes it easier.

This is not as simple as the workout buddy or occasional gym day with your spouse. I’m talking about intentionally seeking out and putting people in place to keep you on task. This requires you to intentionally implant yourself in environments where exercise, clean eating and psychological health are valued.


You can start small and free and build from there by:

  • Joining online communities. Caveat here is that you can't just stalk and lurk in the group, you must engage! Wanting to get healthy is nothing to be ashamed of guys. Ask questions, inquire about others' posts and share your struggles and victories.

  • "Accidentally" bumping into that self proclaimed gym freak/health nut in your office and sparking up a conversation

  • Joining a local group exercise class and actually introducing yourself to at least 1 person!

  • Hiring a coach that comes with built in accountability AND squad (oh hey there:) #GetProfessionallyFit

  • Training up your current squad! If they're ripe with the desire to be healthy too, then pick one of the options above and take the leap together:)

Being successful (in anything you do) is not about sitting around and wishing you had the support, resources, motivation or skill that someone else has. It’s about getting up and going to get that ish! People prefer to hop on a vehicle that’s already moving, not one that’s stalled on the side of the road waiting for a boost:(


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