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'Fess Up...It's Your Own Darn Fault

Updated: Aug 11, 2017

Before reading….Grab a glass of water, this may be a hard pill to swallow.

Most of you know I’m currently pre-med at Wayne State University. When I decided in October of last year to return to school to become a physician it was all of a 5 minute decision. I took action right away and next thing I knew I was deep diving into another 6+ years of schooling. Taking action has never been a problem for me. However, gauging the workload and sweat equity required to fully execute is a whole ‘nother blog post.

So, here I am in my 2nd term of school, knee deep in chemistry and I fail one of my exams. There’s no worse feeling than turning in an exam that YOU KNOW is a bust. I promise it was one of the most sinking feelings I’ve ever felt. Being human and American (yup I just threw shade at my whole country #shrugs) my mind could’ve went straight to the fact that:

  1. I’m at least 15 years older than everyone in my classes (last semester I was a year older than my chemistry professor!) therefore I have waayyyy more responsibilities than these toddlers (lol)

  2. I’m trying to simultaneously run a company while most of my peers still live at home or in campus housing with a campus meal plan to go with it

  3. June 2017 just happened to be historically our best month, in terms of revenue, to date which obviously came with a major demand on my time, my body and my cognitive capacity

  4. My professor sucks! Lol not completely but she aint the greatest at explaining concepts, being clear or concise

  5. I haven’t been in school in 9+ years and even then it was business school. I don’t even recall ever taking chemistry before whilst my peers are recalling some of these concepts from their last year in high school (shout out to class of 2015 :O)

Instead my mind went to: ‘Oh No I am not a failure!’ and ‘How bad do I really want this?’ and what exactly needs to be sacrificed to rectify this? and finally…I accepted FULL responsibility. That was the toughest part.

I am the master of my fate.

Just this week I’ve heard: “I couldn’t find my keys and it wasn’t my fault because so and so moved them.” As their excuse for being late

“Oh I read the wrong text this morning and thought we were scheduled for 1030 instead of 930!” As their excuse for not showing up at all

“I’ve been out ripping and running all day.” As their excuse for stopping at a drive thru and getting a bacon cheeseburger for lunch

“I thought I was on the Detroit side of 8mile!” As an excuse for getting caught drinking and driving

I could go on but you get the point. In every one of those situations the blame was extracted from the self and placed on an external source. STOP IT! 99.9% of the failures you experience on a daily basis are your own fault and things would go much smoother (for all of us) once you own them.

If you haven’t lost the weight, launched the business, mended the relationship, eliminated the debt, finished the project or passed the test it’s your own darn fault and things won’t begin to look up until you ‘fess up! I came back with a vengeance and passed my next test with a 95%!

Stop making excuses and start making plans.


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