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Damn, this B#@! is Harsh!

Updated: Aug 18, 2017

Last year I was talking to someone very close to me about returning to school and my plans to become a physician. I was going on about my fear and hesitation about taking on such a gargantuan task at such a non-traditional point in my life. Already having 2 degrees and 2 careers under my belt and in the midst of planning for a family and retirement it seems like an odd time to be embarking on such a long and daunting journey. She agreed and suggested maybe I should rethink the whole idea and focus on building Professionally Fit.

A few months ago when I decided to start a second company I was chatting with her about it and she proceeded to list all of the reasons it may not be a great idea. 1. I’m already knee deep in school 2. Professionally Fit is only 2 years old and has so much more growing to do 3. It’s a LOT of work to start a new brand, maybe I should just create a new product for my current company instead 4. I don’t have enough capital. She’s right I thought, I just need to put this project on the back burner until I free up a little more time.

During our workout together recently I started complaining about how much it hurt and how badly I wanted to quit. ‘You’ve done enough already, what do you have to prove anyway? You’re already fit and healthy!” she yelled.

Damn, this b@#!$ is harsh! I recently realized. Every time I propose an idea or try to do something challenging she’s always right there in my hear telling me to do just the opposite. Encouraging me to quit and reassuring me that I’ll feel so much better when I do.

I really need to get a better group friends I thought….until I realized…SHE is ME.

I’m not sure when hearing voices became a bad thing because we all hear them every single day. From decisions as small as what to eat for breakfast to whether or not to resign from a job. We’re in our own heads 100% of the time and if you’re anything like me, it aint always an encouraging conversation. Internal dialogue is by far the hardest conversation to manipulate and even when you think you’ve got it down some crazy idea pops into your right brain causing your left brain to flex its muscles and kindly escort you to your comfort zone.

Being well aware of this all too human tendency, when new clients are on-boarded here at Professionally Fit, they receive a BeBox in the mail. Inside Bebox are several tools designed to jump-start their transformation, one of those being our signature I AM sticky notes. We understand how difficult it can be to push yourself in the kitchen, the gym and the boardroom. Training up your brain like you do your body is critical to success however very few people actively participate in those mental exercises.

Repeat after me (and then as many more times as needed):

I AM capable I AM beautiful

I AM strong enough I AM financially responsible

I AM smart enough I AM successful

I AM a finisher I AM qualified

I AM fit and healthy I AM the sole architect of my life

Don’t worry about whether or not you believe it yet. That simply comes with repetition. Just like your current belief system did. ;)



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