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Caution: Adulting in Progress

Personal Share: I was recently reviewing some posts from my personal blog and came across this one which I wrote back on Nov 28th of last year. Have you ever found something you wrote a while ago and just sat back to marvel at what's come to pass since then??? Yeah I just had one of THOSE moments. I hope you all enjoy this one as much as I did...

Two things I hate about being human…(1)our need for acceptance, approval and validation from others (known on social media as likes, comments, shares and re-tweets) and (2)how easily manipulated we are. Someone could utter one sentence at the perfect time and it’ll cause us to call into question where we stand on three different things. I’m not saying this is a bad thing. I’m just acknowledging that it’s a thing. I was chatting with an academic adviser this morning who hit me with a line which stopped me in my tracks. We were discussing my plan to take pre-med courses and she was advising me to take more than one course at a time and followed it up with, “you may have the heart for this but do you have the intellect?” I have to be honest, I almost tapped out right then and there!  It’s almost as if she was calling the bluff I didn’t even know I’d presented.

“…But do u have the intellect.”

That hurt. It wasn’t meant to but it did, mostly because apparently I’d been wondering the same thing. Have I been confusing heart for intellect all this time? Was I silly enough to believe that my PASSION about health and wellness was enough to get me through bio-chemistry, organic chemistry, immunology, pharmacology, endless hours of biology and the 7 ½ hour med school exam or do I really possess what it takes??

Adulting is hard some days. Think about it. We’re actually expected to filter through all of the tricks our minds play on us in the form of doubt, confidence, stress, envy, esteem, competition, love, pain, grief and hunger (lol but seriously).... and still manage to get through the day without pulling out our hair at the roots, becoming a raging alcoholic or mulling down random strangers in the street. It’s actually a really ridiculous expectation if u think about it.

“…But do u have the intellect.”

I often expect a lot out of people. I mean A LOT.  It’s sometimes hard to understand when people can’t seem to put just a little more effort into their work or lives to be a bit better or to correct something THEY SAID they wanted to change. One of the hardest tasks I’ve had in my self-development practice lately is being able to relate to other humans. I was recently accused of not caring about anyone’s feelings. I get it lol. Its 100% untrue however it’s a perception and just like in business it doesn’t matter what the truth may be, how you're perceived is who you become to others. I’ll work on that.

Most humans are weak and it’s mostly not their fault. Most weakness is a result of manipulation. Companies, brands, celebrities, government and media have figured out that if u drill a message into people heads long enough (or subsequently put together a quality video montage about it) that they’ll began to do it, buy it, believe it, repeat it and even die for it.  I’ve been guilty and probably still am on some levels that I haven’t tapped into yet. Manipulation is how most companies make money, it’s how most politicians get and stay in office and it’s how I managed to eat dairy for over 30 years and wear perms for over 20+ years of my life. None of us are exempt.

Can a person really ever just not be smart enough or is everyone capable of learning all things provided that their desire (heart) is there? I registered for chemistry, chem lab and sociology for winter 2017 so I’ll let you know in May…


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