• Lisa A. Smith

5 Ways To Get Up and Running!

Updated: Aug 11, 2017

If you’ve never ventured pass a 4.5 mph speed on the treadmill, say I!

If you’ve watched people around you jogging or running and said that’ll be me one day, say I!

If you’ve watched people around you jogging or running and said that’ll NEVER be me, say I!

If you’re still in therapy and recovering from that one time 6 months ago when you tried jogging, say I!

Did it hurt? Was it scary? Have you vowed to never go there again? Good! That’s exactly where you belong. I’ve had several clients admit that the reason they never jog/run is because they’re embarrassed about people looking at them or embarrassed about how little stamina they have. Well how will you ever get better if you don’t start???

Here’s the deal with #cardio; (1) Too much of it alleviates your muscle and strength, so if one of your goals is to build and get visible definition then 45-60 minutes of cardio is NOT your friend. (2)Steady state cardio yields less results over time because your body quickly adapts. So if walking is your go-to at the gym and has been for months or even years, KEEP READING. It’s time to progress my friend.

5 Ways to Get Up and Running:

  1. Run in place. Ok this one is for true beginners. If you need to get comfortable with moving faster and learning how your body, joints and lungs will react, then try running in place at home. Drive your knees into your chest and pump your arms as if you’re really travelling. Start with 60 second intervals.

  2. Walk on an incline. So if the thought of increasing your speed is too overwhelming then try increasing your incline (indoors on a treadmill or outdoors on a hilly terrain). Walking uphill is a great way to start using different glute, calf and hamstring muscles which tend to be under-developed from walking the same flat speed for extended periods. Incline walking really challenges your cardio-respiratory and can even be harder than jogging!

  3. Sprint in intervals. This is much better than steady state cardio and can be really challenging. It’s my favorite way to run now. If you’re using a treadmill you can select the interval program and set a jogging/walking speed and a running speed so you can easily toggle between the two.

  4. Join a community. There are so many running clubs out there for all levels. You can choose when you participate but I recommended at least twice a week to develop consistency and comfort. The seasoned runners in the group are ALWAYS more than happy to help. They give tips on things like shoes and breathing techniques plus it’s built in accountability! Don’t be shy. Conquer the thing that scares you the most. (Black Girls Run is a popular one in metro Detroit)

  5. Download an app. Couch to 5k is one of the most popular but there are many more. These apps build a program for you based on your goals and level and gives you weekly or daily goals and metrics and you’re able to build from there.

Pick your level and go from there. It aint rocket science, its effort. Now, whose #running this week?!


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