What does it mean to be Professionally Fit?

It's unreasonable to believe you can consistently neglect your physical and mental health yet still produce high quality competitive work. To be Professionally Fit means to ACTIVELY put forth an effort to establish and maintain physical and psychological fitness. #GetProfessionallyFit

Professional Areas of Expertise
  • Weight Loss

  • Behavior Change 

  • Plant Based Nutrition

  • Chronic Disease Reversal

  • Time Budgeting

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Health Restoration

  • Familial Integration

  • Stress Management

Coaching Services

Plant Based



All Professionally Fit coaches are certified nutritionists. As a client you'll be enrolled in our signature nutrition course, P.H.A.R.M. To TABLE, which is paired with live weekly coaching and our custom food tracking app.




All of our coaches are certified personal trainers. We offer both traditional (in the metro Detroit area) and mobile personal training via our custom mobile app. All personal training packages includes plant based nutritional coaching. 




All of our clients are enrolled in our signature course, PSY-FI, which addresses the common psychological stressors of high performing professionals.  Both personal training and nutritional coaching includes psychological and emotional intelligence (EQ) training.